Below is a list of all the speakers who have visited Hexham over the years – some on more than one occasion

Margaret Anstee 
What price peace?  (UNA)

Mike Berners-Lee 
The Burning Question

Frank Boulton
Is there a place for new nuclear build in our energy policy?

Paul Brannen
Why aid is not the answer but taxes might be

Emma Briant
Propaganda and counter terrorism

John Christensen
How tax havens wrecked the global economy

Michael Clarke x 3
UK foreign policy
Are other peoples wars really our wars?

Ian Cobain
Illegal detention & torture of terrorist suspects

Jocelyn Cockburn 
Why are Human Rights divisive?

Jeremy Corbyn
Nuclear disarmament

Chris Cole 
Rise of Drones

Lindsay Cross
Refugees / asylum seekers

Andrew Feinstein  
Global Arms Trade

Helen Fenwick
Human Rights Act

David Gee
Army recruitment policy

Peter Greener
New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policies

Polly Higgins
Ecocide – the missing 5th crime against peace

Bruce Kent x 3
What price Trident?
Building a culture of peace

Judith Kirton-Darling 
Alternatives to Austerity – a sustainable new deal?
Trade Deals – realistic concerns or rabble rousing?

Mike Lewis
Death and Taxes – ending tax haven secrecy

Philip Lewis
Christians & Muslims working for peace

Cathy McCormack    
The war against the poor in Britain

Alastair McIntosh
Roots of climate change

Alan McDonald 
Christian pacifism (sermon)

Mary Mellor  x 2 
Making money for peace
Sustainable economics

Chris Mullin
In defence of politics

Greg Muttitt    
Lessons from Iraq on oil, war and democracy

Cardinal Keith O’Brien
Trident and a 21st century faith

Greg Philo
More news, fewer views

Nick Ritchie  x 2
Nuclear disarmament – fantasy or necessity
Trident – prospects for change

Paul Rogers  x 7  
War on terror
9/11 ten years after
Global energy policy
Conflict, climate change & food
Arab Awakening
Security by Remote Control
Conflicts in the Middle East – what are the chances for peace?

Ziauddin Sardar
Islam and peace

Sauro Scarpelli 
Control Arms Campaign

Phil Shiner    
UK’s violations of human rights in Iraq & Afghanistan

John Sloboda x 2   
Real threats for global security;
Iraq body-count campaign

Geoff Tansey 
Food, peace and human thriving in a changing world

Stephen Tindale  
Controlling climate change

Tim Wallis  
Unarmed civilian peacekeeping

Richard Wilkinson 
‘Spirit Level’


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