Ecocide, the Missing 5th Crime Against Peace

Saturday 20th June 2015
Polly Higgins, Barrister, and Lawyer for the Earth (website)


There is one law that could change the world: one that prohibits corporate and legal developments that cause Ecocide. Polly Higgins will speak about how an international crime of Ecocide would trump TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), existing corporate law and World Trade Organisation rules.

Polly Higgins is a barrister, author and speaker whose vision is of a world that works from one overriding principle: ‘first do no harm.’ Her books examine in depth how the power of a law of Ecocide could enable individuals, communities, governments and NGOs to bring to court prosecutions to examine the evidence of a given Ecocide. Such a law could prevent, prohibit and in some instances pre-empt the mass damage that is causing significant harm to the Earth. In 2013 she received an honorary Doctorate from the Business School of Lausanne and became Honorary Arne Naess Professor at Oslo University. She was named the ‘Earth’s Lawyer’ by Change Awards and ‘One of the world’s top ten visionary thinkers’ by the Ecologist Magazine. Her current focus of enquiry is on leadership crime, closing the door to dangerous industrial activity and creating a legal duty of care. She advises at governmental, legal and non-legal levels, and connects with a wide-range of organisations, NGOs and lawyers.