Series 8 – 2015

Download the Series 8 programme here

‘Are other people’s wars really our wars?’  Video
Prof Michael Clarke, Director General, Royal United Services Institute

‘Trade deals: realistic concerns or rabble-rousing?’  Video
Judith Kirton-Darling MEP, Labour Member of the European Parliament for NE England

‘Propaganda and Counter-terrorism: Strategies for Global Change’ VIdeo
Dr Emma Briant, Lecturer in Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield

‘Any Questions?’
The Parliamentary Candidates for the Hexham Constituency

‘Conflicts in the Middle East – what are the chances for peace?’ Video
Prof Paul Rogers, Bradford University Department of of Peace Studies.

‘Ecocide, the Missing 5th Crime Against Peace’ Video
Polly Higgins, Barrister, and Lawyer for the Earth