Faith and Liberation: can our faith transform society?

Saturday 13th February


Chris Howson will also explore how faith allows us to be alongside those of no faith, helping to transform unjust structures and to work for equality and diversity. He will also show how his involvement with refugees has led to productive interfaith work.

Rev Chris Howson is a Liberation Theologian and Chaplain to the University of Sunderland. He has performed exorcisms at arms fairs, been arrested at Faslane Nuclear Base, and is passionate that the Church stands in solidarity with those who are oppressed. He runs the Interfaith Centre in Sunderland and chairs the Sunderland City of Sanctuary, working with those seeking sanctuary from war and conflict. In his book A Just Church he argues that the Church should be seen to stand alongside peacemakers, human rights activists, refugees and all those who seek justice. He has visited the Middle East, where he was deeply affected by the way different faiths work together for peace in Israel and Palestine.