Series 9 – 2016

January 30th  Prof Chris Kilsby: Climate change: what’s the hurry? Video

February 13th  Rev Chris Howson: Faith and Liberation: can our faith transform society? Video

March 12th  Prof William Walker: Britain’s nuclear weapons: who should decide? Video

April 23rd  Ann Pettifor: Just Money: How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance. Video

April 30th Luke Harding: ‘A Very Expensive Poison’
Plus a film on 29th April at 5pm Leviathan, Forum Cinema

May 14th  Prof Paul Rogers: Irregular War: ISIS, Elites and Revolts from the Margins Video

June 4th at 2pm EU Referendum Debate at Queen Elizabeth High School  with speakers Jonathon Arnott MEP,  Jude Kirton Darling MEP, Guy Opperman MP and Andy Saunders Chair of Business for Britain NE

June 18th Film: The Divide – with live Q&A with Richard Wilkinson at the Queen’s Hall at 11am as part of the first Wide Skies Film Festival . Interview video

June 19th Film: Mediterranea  at the Forum Cinema Hexham at 5pm as part of the Wide Skies Film Festival.

June 25th  Maurice Wren: Global Refugee Crisis Video